Deltaco Smart Home WiFi magnetisk dør- og vindussensor, hvit

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Lagerbalanse: 1 stk.
Artikkelnummer: SH-WS02
Leverandør: Aurdel

DELTACO SMART HOME Magnetic door and window sensor, WiFi, white

Easily monitor your home and simplify everyday life with SH-WS02, the smart magnetic WiFi sensor can be placed on doors & windows for added security and sends you a notification if any detections are made, perfect at night or for when you are away. SH-WS02 can also be paired with other DELTACO SMART HOME devices in your home to simplify everyday life, automated actions such as turning on the lights if a door is opened or turning off the AC if a window opens are just two examples of how creative you can be with SH-WS02 from DELTACO SMART HOME, perfect for DIY projects! The smart sensor is equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to 5 months and can easily be re-charged with the included USB-charging cable.

With the DELTACO SMART HOME app, you can access and control all settings for the door and window sensor. The installation is quick and easy, all you need is a working wireless network, ie. no special hubs or gateways. In the DELTACO SMART HOME app, you can control individual units or divide them into different rooms to easily manage a group. In addition to turning the sensor on or off, you can schedule specific times when it should be on or off. In the DELTACO SMART HOME app, it is also possible to create automatic measures such as, lighting is switched on when a door opens or that the sensor will notify you if a window is opened. The DELTACO SMART HOME app is of course available to download for free for both Android and iOS.

The SH-WS02 can also be paired and voice-controlled together with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to easily integrate and become part of your smart home.

• 5-year warranty
• WiFi-frequency: 2.4 GHz
• Max. install gap: ≤15 mm
• Charging: DC 5V, micro-USB
• Network protocol: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
• Battery: Built-in rechargeable 500 mAh
• Standby time: Up to 5-months if 10 detections per day
• Compatibility: DELTACO SMART HOME APP, Amazon Alexa & Google Home Voice assistant

Package contents: Smart door and windows sensor, micro-USB charging cable, 3M-adhesive and manual