Deltaco Wireless Qi certified power bank that attaches to device, 5000 mAh, 18.5 Wh, black

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Artikkelnummer: PB-Q1000
EAN: 7333048044198

DELTACO Wireless Qi certified powerbank that attaches to device, 5000 mAh, 18.5 Wh, black

PB-Q1000 is a wireless powerbank that attaches to your device, for total charging freedom. Easily connect the power bank to, for example, the back of your smartphone for convenient wireless charging (up to 5 W) wherever you are or charge via the USB-A port (up to 10 W), the PB-Q100 is equipped with an LED battery indicator that shows the current charging status and a 5000 mAh Li-ion polymer battery that can charge a smartphone over 2x on a single charge. The power bank attaches to your device with the help of suction cups that are easy to remove and put on. The PB-Q1000 is fully charged in about 3.5 hours with the included micro USB cable.

The power bank is also equipped with an internal temperature sensor and a number of safety functions that prevent electronic damage.

It is recommended to charge only one device at a time via cable or wireless.

• 1x USB-A port (10 W)
• Charge time: 3.5 hours
• Short-circuit protection
• Wireless Qi-certified powerbank 5 W
• Li-ion polymer battery 5000 mAh
• Output current USB-A: 5 V DC / 2 A, 10 W
• LEDs show charge status (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%)
• Attaches to your device for total charging freedom
• Integrated protection against overcharging, overcurrent and total discharge

Package contents: Power bank, micro USB cable and manual.

Dimensions (WxDxH): 63.5 x 15.09 x 95 mm